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Rüdesheim on the Rhine

Since the beginning of the last century, Rüdesheim is an attraction for the English and German romantics. Today, measured in terms of its population, it’s one of the tourist destinations with the most visitors in Germany.

Rüdesheim am Rhein: Anziehungspunkt der englischen und deutschen Romantiker Rüdesheim bietet zahlreiche wunderschöne Burgen und Schlösser

Historic buildings such as the Klunkhardshof, the defensive eagles tower, the millennial Castle Brömserburg, the Castle Boosenburg and the ruins of Ehrenfels delight eyes and senses. Who’s looking for the calm, can find it in the vast forests of “Naturpark Rhein-Taunus”, in small alleyways or hidden in the spaciousness of the vineyards. From the vantage points of the coppice, viewers get a magnificent view over the narrow Rhine Valley, the estuary and the vast wine-growing region of Rheingau and Rheinhessen.

Das Niederwalddenkmal Burg Rheinstein

For several years now, Rüdesheim is the meeting place for motorcyclists for joint excursions in the Rheingau-Taunus-Kreis, with its charming, winding roads. Thus, the city can be the start and destination for a Wispertour or, as with our annual MAGIC BIKE RÜDESHEIM, start and finish of the large parade.

Seilbahn Rüdesheim liegt im Rheingau, eines der größten Weinanbaugebiete Deutschlands

Already on thursday and friday, we offer guided trips, expertly managed by Rheingau Harley riders, starting from the event area at Brömserburg. We would be pleased about your participation and promise pure driving enjoyment.